Carol’s Coconut Water Factor4 Shake

January 26, 2014

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Carol’s Coconut Water Factor4 Shake
  • 2 Scoops – Factor4 Weight Control®
  • 8-10 oz – Coconut Water
  • For fun, try some coconut ice cubes
  1. One magnificent recipe is to mix Factor 4 with coconut water, which is now sold everywhere.
  2. About 70 calories, no sugar, excellent hydration.
  3. The British used it as plasma in WW2 in the tropics when they ran out of plasma.
  4. That is how close it is to our vital fluids. Lovely product if you have not yet tasted it.
  5. Very light. Viscosity of water.
  6. Nothing added if you get the plain flavor.
  7. Several companies now do it primarily Zico and Vita.